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The University of Texas at Tyler Office of Leadership and Service connects UT Tyler students to service opportunities on campus, in the Tyler/East Texas community and beyond.

Through volunteerism, you'll help create solutions to critical challenges in the community while also building your leadership skills, gaining a broader awareness of social issues and enhancing your overall collegiate experience.

The Office of Leadership and Service provides a structure and resources to prepare students to become socially responsible citizens in a culturally diverse and complex society. We take pride in the work that we do to promote service and leadership to our students through our campus and local community.

Experience the impact of community service. Choose today to get involved!


So far in Fall 2022, The Office of Leadership and Service has hosted projects in conjunction with New Student Programs and NSLS. The following projects have been completed: creating dog toys for SPCA of East Texas, Blanket Making for the Homeless, and a Thanksgiving Donation Drive for our student community.




The East Texas Big Event



ETX Big Event

The Big Event is scheduled for March 4th 2023. More details to come.

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