Faculty Research Support

Office of Research, Scholarship, and Sponsored Programs

The University of Texas at Tyler is committed to enhancing and strengthening faculty research and scholarship in all disciplines with programs and services administered through the Office of Research, Scholarship, and Sponsored Programs (ORSSP).  Faculty are encouraged to seek internal and external funding to pursue their academic passion and to engage students in research activities. Email ORSSP staff at research@uttyler.edu, if you are employed by the main campus, or grants@uthct.edu, if you are employed on the Health Science Center campus, for more information about support services offered to faculty and staff.

Internal Grants Program

The Internal Grants Program at The University of Texas at Tyler (UT Tyler) provides seed funding for interdisciplinary research conducted by faculty and staff at the main campus and the Health Science Center campus to advance the university’s research and scholarship goals outlined in the strategic plan. The program is administered by the ORSSP through a competitive review process, under the advisement of the university’s Research Council, and final approval of the Senior Vice President for Research and the President. The awardees are expected to seek external funding opportunities based on the results of their internal grant(s), as appropriate for their disciplines. Visit the Internal Grants Program webpage for more information.

Proposal Development for External Funding

The Office of Research, Scholarship, and Sponsored Programs is responsible for submitting proposals and applications for external funding opportunities on behalf of The University of Texas at Tyler.  All proposals for external funding must be approved by the ORSSP even if the proposal/application or sponsor does not require a signature from an authorized representative of the university.

A “limited submission” funding opportunity is one in which the sponsor places a limitation on the number of proposals or applications that a single entity, such as UT Tyler, can submit for a specific competition.  The guidelines in the sponsor’s call for proposals will state how many applications can be submitted from a single entity. The UT Tyler main campus and the Health Science Center campus are still considered separate legal entities in regards to submission of proposals. Please reach out to ORSSP staff at the main campus at 903-565-5858 or research@uttyler.edu or staff at the Health Science Center campus at 903-877-7245 or grants@uthct.edu, depending on which campus the work will take place, if you are interested in applying for an external grant with a limited submission.

The ORSSP offers assistance to faculty and staff in finding funding sources and developing grant proposals.  Find out more about these pre-award services on the ORSSP Proposal Development webpage.

Faculty Development Workshops

Professional development workshops designed for faculty and staff are offered throughout the academic year to support proposal development and grant management.  PDF files of presentations and videos (when available) of past workshops can be found on the Faculty Development Workshop webpage.

Faculty Development Leave

The Faculty Development Leave Program provides UT Tyler faculty on the main campus with opportunities to enhance their research and scholarship portfolio, develop national and international collaborations, and reinvigorate their academic career in support of student success and the UT Tyler Strategic Plan.  Visit the Faculty Development Leave webpage for more information.

UT System Core Facilities Network 

The mission of the UT System Core Facilities Network is to support and enhance the quality and competitiveness of research and education throughout the State of Texas and beyond by providing researchers with access to state-of-the-art core facilities supported at UT System Institutions.  The network offers quick and secure access to the tremendous research products, services and expertise found throughout the Institutional Shared Resources. This Network is enhanced by its partnership with iLab Solutions which provides a core facility management system that enables researchers to examine offerings from the participating institutions, to initiate core facility service requests and equipment scheduling and to monitor usage tracking, billing and invoicing. The Network gives consumers a consolidated view of their recent activity in the system as well as the ability to search across all equipment, services and cores in the system. Facilities and equipment available at the participating institutions can be found using the search tool on the Network's website.  An agreement that allows investigators at UT System institutions to use core laboratory equipment at the same rate charged internally at the participating institutions was recently extended until 2025.